Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bullet 2HP (High Power)

Ubiquiti Networks Bullet 2HP (High Power) - 2.4Ghz - WIRELESS AP/CPE, OUTDOOR 802.11b/g

2.4 GHz Access Point/CPE which connects directly to an antenna. Power and data are supplied over the ethernet connection.

Ubiquiti Networks Bullet 2HP Features

Zero-Variable Wireless Infrastructure Deployment
No radio card / host board issues
No RF cable quality concerns
No mechanical stability concerns
No enclosure mounting requirements
Just Plug and Go.
Very Fast Deployments
Samll Physical Size
Signal Strength Indicator for Easy Line UP
The N Plug contains a waterproof gasket, as does the end cap, but we strongly recommend that the N plug/antenna assembly be wrapped with self-amalgamating tape to prevent water ingress.

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